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Share the days at“home”——Stories of international students
2020-03-02 15:41  

一起分享 宅在“家”的日子——留学生的故事

Share the days at“home”——Stories of international students



The winter vacation of 2020 is a special vacation for our international students. Some of our classmates left their homeland for the first time; some came to Guizhou for the first time; and some came here without being willing to leave. We come from ten different countries, today, here it is our "home."


As time goes by, fewer and fewer teachers and classmates are in school, but we are not alone. It's almost Chinese New Year, the property and dormitory managers called us together to share delicious food.


The Chinese New Year's Eve, The teacher from the school's International Exchange and Cooperation Office came to celebrate the Chinese New Year with us.


On that day, the teacher from the school's International Exchange and Cooperation Office brought us a "letter",tells us about the severity of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus,in order to fight the disaster caused by the virus together, we must work together with the teachers and fight with the school. We are also part of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.



This sudden epidemic has indeed changed our peaceful lives. The teacher from the International Office came to teach us how to wear and discard masks, and told us the daily epidemic situation through WeChat and blackboard. There was a slight odor of disinfectant in the corridor.


School leaders also care about us. They came to visit us in the dormitory to find out if we have enough food and if we have other needs in our lives. Tell us not to be nervous and panic, the school has always been our strong backing.


We follow the teacher's request to sign in, measure body temperature, open doors and windows, and wear a mask when going out,maintain a safe distance to communicate with classmates. We only go to the supermarket twice a week to buy enough food, and other times as much as possible keep staying in our room or exercise in the open campus.


During this time, we are constantly looking for our own pleasure. We play chess, play basketball, Tik Tok, cook, bike, share food, and we are busy every minute.



Teachers who give us language lessons, don't worry, we haven't forgotten to study hard. We read aloud, we write, and we are striving towards our goals.

祝福篇:Best Wish


We help each other on this battlefield without smoke. Let's bless China and Wuhan.

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