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About Us

Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (GCTCM) keeps themain educational concept “Development first, Quality foremost, Innovation subject and Training talents” assustainededucational aim. The college motto is “Great virtue and firm determination, diligent learning and arduous practice”. Both educational concept and college motto inherits from generation to generation since GCTCM was founded in 1965. The teaching and research equipment are worth of more than RMB 48.14 million RMB Yuan. The college possesses 932,866 library books, among which 524,566 are paper ones. The program of “Digital Campus” has been launched widely within the campus.

GCTCM focuses on training high level talents in traditional Chinese medicine area. In 2006, GCTCM was approved to be “the Main Supporting University of Guizhou Province” byGuizhouprovincial government. Then it was awarded “The Excellent University in Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation” by the State Education Ministry in 2008.

GCTCM is located inGuiyangcity, capital city ofGuizhouProvince. A prestigious name ofGuiyangis “Chinese Summer Resorts”. Therefore,Guiyangis a nice place to study. GCTCM is consisted by North campus and South campus. North campus is neighboring withNanmingRiverand the historic spot “Jiaxiu Pavilion”. The South campus is surrounded by the ‘Chang Poling’ ecologicalforest parkand the campus covers nearly 300 acres. Besides, the new campus is under construction in Huaxi district with coverage of 1513 acres.

GCTCM enrolls student from all overChina. There are 12 schools and departments, 2 affiliated hospitals, 4 non-direct affiliated hospitals, 12 clinical teaching and field training hospitals, 28 pharmaceutical field training bases, 10 humanistic field training bases and 8 nursing field training bases are set up in GCTCM. Both of two affiliated hospitals are rank as AAA traditional Chinese medicine hospitals. Besides, No.1 affiliated hospital is ranked as National Key Traditional Chinese Medicine Construction Unit, National Further-Study Base for Orthopedic Doctor by the Ministry of Health and Key Research Construction Unit for Chronic Pains with Miao Medicine and by Miao Doctor by the State Drug and Food Administration while No.2 Affiliated Hospital is entitled as National Key Integrative Medicine Construction Hospital by the State Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau. There are 10 traditional Chinese medicine scientific research institutions, one national enterprise technical center, two level III traditional Chinese medicine laboratories by the State Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau, one provincial key laboratory, two provincial research and development center and two provincial experimental teaching model centers setting up in GCTCM.

Under the supervision of GCTCM, it sets up 9 undergraduate majors (23 specialties) including provincial 7 example majors and one provincial special major setting up in GCTCM. Meanwhile, 4 special major constructions of the Ministry of Education, one teaching quality and reform project of the Ministry of Education and 13 provincial quality classes, 17 award spots of master degree for clinical medicine, 11 provincial key subjects including 5 key subjects and 7 key sections of the State Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau and 16 provincial key sections. Additionally, GCTCM is authorized to award master degrees for on-job postgraduates.

Presently, the number of full-time teachers of the University is 713 including 328 with senior professionaltitle, 232 teachers with master degree, 5 provincial experts, 9 national special award experts, 5 provincial special award experts, 24 state famous experts in traditional Chinese medicine, 6 provincial excellent teachers, 298 postgraduate supervisors (including No.1 Affiliated Hospital, No. 2 Affiliated Hospital and part-time teachers), 3 PhD supervisors and two provincial talent renovation team and one provincial talent base.

In the past five years, our college has undertaken and successfully completed more than one thousand scientific research projects including 36 state level items from state 973 plans, state natural and social science funds, the State Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau, Guizhou Science and Technology Department, Guizhou Health Department and other institutions and enterprises. Among them, there are one item awarded as Guizhou Provincial Scientific Progress Class I Prize, three items as Guizhou Provincial Scientific Progress Class II Prize, 16 items Class III prize, one item as Excellent Achievement Class III Prize of Guizhou Provincial Eighth Philosophical & Social Science and 21 items as scientific and technological prizes at municipal and different social organizations. Moreover, our college is evaluated as Excellent Unit of Modern Scientific and Technological Industrial Construction Base for State Traditional Chinese Medicine by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In addition, GCTCM has held different various international training classes on traditional Chinese medicine through positive cooperation and communication with oversea universities to establish cooperation partnership and with universities and institutions in America, U.K, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan and Macau.

Our college also attaches great important on quality education and practice and renovation of students. As one of earliest student scientific associations inChina, Undergraduate Student Medicine Science Association of GCTCM was found in 1982. Students have awarded one item class I prize, three items class II prize, 16 Class III prize during all Challenge Cup of National Undergraduate Extracurricular Scientific and Technological Competition and awarded one item bronze prize in Challenge Cup of National Undergraduate Innovative Undertaking Contest as well as awarded National Youth Innovation Prize in 2007 and 2008.

Guiyang University of Chinese Medicine Huaxi university town, Guiyang , Guizhou
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