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college of Acupuncture and Massage  
college of Acupuncture and Massage

Acupuncture and massage college was established in 1986, having been cultivating talents of Chinese foreign exchange abilities, innovative spirits and practical abilities. Now the college is recruiting domestic and international graduate students. It has one master's degree authorization centers (acupuncture and massage), 1 “The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Key Subject,” 1 provincial key subject, 1 “The Ministry of Education Characteristics Professional Construction Point,” 1 provincial demonstrative major, 2 provincial excellent courses. Its acupuncture comprehensive laboratory is entitled as "The Professional Laboratory in Guizhou Province".

A team of high-quality teachers: The faculty includes 28 professional teachers, of which there are 6 Senior-level professors, 11 Vice-seniors, 16 master or doctor tutors 16, 1 high-level featuring expert, 1 provincial teaching master, and 3 collegiate teaching masters. The college’s “Experimental Acupuncture” is the acupuncture teaching quality and reformation construction project for the ministry of education. The college has for three years undertaken more than 40 researching items of the country, the province, and the local bureau, having won numerous awards.

Paying attention to training students' innovative and practical abilities: to carry out the idea of “education for use,” the college keeps cooperating 71 professional skill appraisal institutions to enhance the students' skills, students being awarded Senior Massager during the period of school. The college regularly organizes the students to participate in the teachers' scientific researches and develop specialized technological practice activities, aiming at strengthening the students' creative ability of science and technology, communication, coordination, and team cooperation. For the last three years, the college has held 2 bureau and provincial subjects, taken part in the national "Challenge Cup" extracurricular technology academic competition (winning one first prize, one second prizes, and two third prizes), taken part in the national "Challenge Cup" university student's pioneering work competition ( one silver medal and one bronze medal), and participating in "Hua Tuo National College Students Acupuncture Operation Skills Competition" (one group third prize and one individual third prize).

Broad chance for employment: because of the special need in medical treatment, acupuncture and health care, the medical institutions at home and abroad are eager to recruit talents with health care knowledge. In recent years student employment rate is kept above 95%.


Acupuncture and Massage Science   

Target: to cultivate students’ mastering of Chinese medicine basic theories, elementary knowledge and basic skills, and of modern medicine clinical practice, acupuncture, and massage skills. Learn to make a diagnosis and give treatment to common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases based on Chinese and Western medicine knowledge and skills. Get familiar with humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and traditional Chinese culture. Grasp computer application elementary knowledge and skills; understand professional English books. Our graduates will mainly work in hospitals at all levels in more than 10 countries, or comprehensive hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine and research institutions engaged in acupuncture, massage and medical education/scientific researches. Also possible is getting employed in all levels of rehabilitation medicine institutions and rehabilitation medicine colleges that combine traditional Chinese with Western medicine.

Main course: the basic theories of TCM, TCM diagnostics, TCM pharmacology, meridian acu-points, needles and moxibustion, acupuncture treatment study, experimental acupuncture, massage, massage therapy, normal human anatomy, internal medicine of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, traditional Chinese and Western medicine surgery.

This professional educational system takes five years; bachelor’s degree in medicine awarded.

Guiyang University of Chinese Medicine Huaxi university town, Guiyang , Guizhou
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