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The College of Clinical Medicine 2  
The College of Clinical Medicine 2

The College of Clinical Medicine 2 of SHA is the only base of cultivating experts of combination of TCM and Western medicine. Taking on an administration of combining the college and the hospital, the college mainly covers the in-person clinical teaching and internship administration of both undergraduate and graduate students of combination of TCM and Western medicine. This work includes consolidation of basic knowledge and skills of both Chinese and Western medicine and professional training of clinical skills, aiming at producing advanced doctors who can diagnose, teach and research individually in all areas of both Chinese and Western medicine. Until now, more than 8000 students have graduated from this program.

SHA was established in 1981 (its predecessor was Guizhou commercial hospital), with fixed assets of 30 million dollars, 1000 ward beds, 830 on--job worker, including 104 senior professional titles and more than60 master tutors. The hospital has 4 “National Chinese Medicine Inherited Professors” and 6 “Provincial Well-known Chinese Medicine Doctors.” The annual inpatient number exceeds 9000 and outpatient number exceeds 250000. As a "Three Level of First-class Hospital", it combines medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and rehabilitation, with titles such as "The Country’s Infant-loving Hospital," "Important National Construction Unit of Chinese-western medicine", "Advances National Health System".

The hospital is to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine, focusing on cultivating professional advantages of different majors. It now has 1 key major of “State Administration of TCM,” 3 national key specialized subjects (diseases), one provincial key subject, 10 provincial key professional trains, 1 master's degree authorization center and a provincial demonstrative major. In the past five years, all kinds of textbooks and over 10 monographs have been written,a provincial excellent coursehas been established, and one first and one third prize on provincial teaching achievements have been won. The college also adopts more than 363 items of national natural science funds of all types and at all levels such as scientific research projects, including eight state-level projects.

The students have solid basic skills and professional knowledge, being able to undertake the clinical medical treatment of both traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Graduates work at and are highly rated by all types and all levels of comprehensive hospitals, traditional medicine hospitals and research institutions.

Chinese and Western Medicine Clinics

Target:train the student to grasp the basic theories, basic knowledge and basic skills of TCM and modern medicine, along with clinical abilities. Students after graduation will work at all levels of general hospitals, hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine, medical colleges, scientific research institutions, engaging in clinical medicine of TCM, teaching, scientific research, foreign exchange, or educational service.

Main course:TCM basic knowledge, herbology, TCM recipe, TCM diagnostics, human anatomy, embryology, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, parasitology, pathology, pharmacology of Chinese and western medicine, surgery, gynecology, paediatrics, facial features science, acupuncture, traditional Chinese and western medicine study in emergency.

This professional educational system takes five years; bachelor’s degree in medicine awarded.

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