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About Guiyang  
About Guiyang

Guiyang is located in the south of Gui Mountain, from which she obtained her name. In ancient times, Guiyang abounded in bamboo, which was well known for making musical instruments “Zhu”. Hence Guiyang was referred to as “Zhu” or “Jin Zhu”. Guiyang has a large forest coverage rate of 41.78% and a forest virescence ratio of 44.71%. Guiyang was awarded the first “national forest city”, also known as “Lin Cheng” in Chinese. 

Typical of its karst landform, Guiyang boasts its natural beauty and cultural tourism resources. Apart from its natural plateau landscape characteristic of mountains, waters, forests and caves, she is also known for its cultural landscape as well as its primitive and colorful ethnic customs. Based on the 8 standards by 7 organizations such as the United Nation, Guiyang tops the list for the ideal Chinese cities to avoid summer heat. Guiyang has one national scenery spot, one national forest park and 9 national 4A tourism zones. National 3A tourism zones, national key cultural relics protection units and National agricultural tourism demonstration sites add to more than 20.

Main Attractions:

Parks: Qianling Mountain Park (4A), Huaxi National Wetland Park (4A), The Xiaoche River Wetland Park, Huaguoyuan Wetland Park, Changpoling National Forest Park, Guiyang Forest Park, Luchongguan Forest Park and The Guanshan Lake Park.

Hot Spring: The Royal Hot Spring Resort (4A), Baoli Hot Spring Resort (4A), Tianyi Forest Hot Spring Resort(4A) and Xifeng Hot Spring Resort.

Scenic Spots: Tianhe Lake (4A), Nanjiang Canyon (4A), Hongfeng Lake (4A), The Taoyuan River Canyon, The Liuguang River Canyon, Baihua Lake, Lovers’ Valley and Xiangzhi Valley.

Historic Sites: Qingyan Ancient Town (4A), Jiaxiu Tower, Wenchang Pavlilion, Hongfu Temple, Yangming Memorial, Yangming Cave, Xifeng Concentration Camp, The Confucius School, Zhenshan Village and Gaopo Miao Ethnic villiage.

Famous Dishes: Spicy Chicken, Qingyan Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken, Fried Houttuynia Cordata and Preserved Meat, Sticky Millet, Simmered Pig Feet and Sour Soup Fish.

Famous Snacks: Changwang Noodles, Si Wawa, Lover Bean Curd Slice, Rice Noodles with Beef Slices, Lei’s Tofu balls, Spicy Rice Tofu, Glutinous Rice Cake and Doushawo.

Specialties: LAO GAN MA Flavor Food, Dried Beef, Sausage and Preserved Meat made by Qianwufu, Liulaosi Roast Chicken, Three Treasure of Guizhou, Roxburgh Rose wine, Bobo Sweet, Rose Sweet and Maotai.

Jiaxiu tower

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