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Vocational and Adult Education College  
Vocational and Adult Education College

VAEC was established in 2000, whose predecessor was the college of adult education. The college simultaneously provides ordinary vocational education, skill and tech education, and adult college education (off-job, spare time, night school, etc), and offers short-term traditional Chinese medicine training.

Ever since VAEC was founded, the ordinary vocational and skill and tech training have fostered more than 2000 professional workers with solid medicine basic knowledge and strong operating abilities, who cover areas like traditional Chinese and Western medicine, nursing, Chinese medicine pharmaceutical technology, medicine marketing, pharmacy management information and technology, cosmetology, medicinal plant cultivation, etc. On the other hand, the adult education has trained more than 5000 students (on-the-job personnel) in the province, contributing to the health development of public health care in Guizhou minority areas.

VAEC also manipulates Guizhou province seventy-first national professional skill appraisal center. In the process of practical education, the college makes full use of the function of professional skill appraisal center. It actively encourages and carefully organizes the students to participate in professional skill appraisal and professional qualification certificate. Such appraisal covers massagers, nurses of the old, Chinese traditional medicine marketers, Chinese traditional medicine pharmacists, Chinese traditional medicine aquaculture planting staff, Chinese traditional medicine production administrators, medical diet manipulators, Chinese traditional medicine production personnel, computer (medical information) operators, etc. Students may obtain “double certificate” at graduation and broaden the employment channels.

The college offers divers majors like integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in ordinary vocational education; professional nursing, acupuncture and massage, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine pharmaceutical technology, medicine marketing, health information management, and Chinese herbal medicine cultivation technology in skill and tech education; and continue traditional Chinese and Western medicine, nursing, TCM pharmacology in adult college education.

Nursing (ordinary vocational)

Target:train the student to grasp TCM nursing basic theories of and clinical nursing skills. After graduation, students may be engaged in general clinical nursing jobs, suitable for various levels of comprehensive hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, community medical institutions, individual clinics, administrative colleges of public health, etc.

Main course:the basic theories of TCM, TCM pharmacology, prescription, physiology, medicine, traditional Chinese and Western internal medicine, traditional Chinese and Western surgery, nursing, etc.

This professional educational system takes three years.

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