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Basic College  
Basic College

Basic college was established in 1984, mainly for teaching and management of the traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese and western medicine in clinics for the first three years of college. And it is partly responsible for teaching the general courses of the traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine professional foundation for all majors. It has 1 province-level key subject, 4 master's degree authorization centers, recruiting both domestic and international graduate students.

Solid teaching faculty: Basic college has a group of well-known experts and professors. The college in total has 135 teachers, of which there are more than 60 high titles, more than 80 master's degree or above holders and 2 province-level teachers. In the past five years, in order to adapt to the teaching reformation of higher education and newer situation, the college strengthened the foundation of teaching management and teaching reform, and introduced heuristic, exploring and provoking teaching methods. Books like“Problem-based Type of Teaching" in Physiology Application ResearchandRural Chinese Medicine Talented Training Mode and Teaching Reformwon the country’s teaching achievement second prize;TCM Tongue Diagnosiswon the first prize of provincial level teaching achievement, whileChinese Medicine Five-element Serial Achievementtook in provincial science and technology progress prize. The college also builds 5 provincial excellent courses, annually acquiring several National Natural Science Funds and other great scientific research projects.

Advanced teaching and experimental equipment: Basic College established microscopic form laboratories, functional laboratories, Chinese medicine laboratories, computer science laboratories, pharmacology laboratories, microbiology laboratories, physiology laboratories and a human anatomical experiment and teaching platform. Besides, it includes 4 provincial basic course teaching laboratories, 2 provincial administrations of traditional Chinese medicine second-level laboratories, one first-level laboratory, undertaking all the professional courses and experimental teaching tasks of all majors. The laboratory has advanced laboratory equipment: MS-4000 biological signal processing system, automatic biochemistry analyzer, multi-channel physiological meter, pulse condition model, pulse condition meter, laser-gathering microscope,upside downfluorescence microscope, upside down differing microscope, carbon dioxide incubator, Ⅱ extremely bio-safety cabinets, biological image analyzer, brain stereo equipment, ultraviolet light points off degree program, automatic marking meter, automatic enzyme organization dehydrator, microscopic interactive system, image analyzer, PCR instrument, etc. The equipment costs more than 1 million dollars; labs are open all day.

The students have a strong faith of dedication. Moral education is emphasized on the basis of professional skills. Also emphasized is broad collection sciences, humanities, arts, healthy student life, innovation, and consciousness. Students from this college have won the first place in Guizhou area for seven consecutive years in "CCTV cup" national English speech contest, with one student having grasping the national runner-up. The students also repeatedly obtain success at various levels of essay contests. Wu Ceng, Jian Lei respectively got the fourth and the sixth “National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award.” “National Best College Student” Tao Ying, “National Volunteer Service Award" receiver Tang Kaiwen,” and winners of “The Outstanding Youth Volunteers” Chen Yongye and Chen Youqiang all graduated from this college.

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