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Medical Humanities College
2011-11-22 15:12  

Medical Humanities College was established in 2001, and is the first medical college in Guizhou province to offer law degree and bachelor's degree in applied psychology. It considerably contributes to medical system reform and modern medical patterns, makes great efforts to meet the social need of medical senior talents of traditional Chinese medicine, and accelerates the development of the framework of TCM diversity.

Paying attention to practice education: the teaching team is highly experienced with efficient knowledge structure. There are in total 31 professional teachers, of which there are 9 senior titles, 8 master tutors, and 2 college level teaching masters. The college has one provincial key subject, along with four college level professional courses. In order to strength the students' practice ability, the college develops teaching practice bases such as the first and second attached hospitals for relevant professional medical practices, the intermediate people's court, Guiyang City Public Security Bureau for law school practice, and Guizhou Province Second People's Hospital, Chengdu people's hospital, Shantou University Fourth Mental Health Center for clinical psychology teaching and internship.

Teaching facilities: the college has advanced psychology labs and moot courts. Psychological labs include basic labs and network labs, including 126 PCS sets, which can conduct 65 psychological experiments (including common psychology demonstration experiments, child psychology experiments, basic mental ability and determination of the classic psychological experiments and cognitive psychology experiments, etc.), and 87 psychological evaluations.

Professional advantages: graduates will be engaged in medical institutions, justice colleges, prison management colleges, juvenile crime prevention institutions, counseling and treatment and other social service work. Students who chooses Traditional Chinese and Western clinical medicine or the second bachelor's degree for applied psychology may take the psychological consultant qualification exam during school and the therapist test and the Examination for the Qualifications of Medical Practitioners of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine after graduation; law school students can take the state judicial examination and the national enterprise legal adviser test. In 2006, law school graduate student Huangpu got the top score in the province in national judicial examination.


Target:to cultivate the students of basic theories and professional knowledge of law study, along with the ability to independently process judicial activities and fundamental problems. Students need to learn about law practice and progress all over the world, and to have certain law teaching and scientific researching ability. Students after graduation may be involved in medicine relevant legislation, enforcement, medical accident identification, civil litigation, etc, working at justice colleges, legal services, administrative organs, medical institutions, drug colleges, and operation and management colleges.

Main course:the Constitution, jurisprudence, legal logic, criminal laws, punishment laws, administrative laws, economic laws and administrative litigation, Chinese legal system, international laws, international private laws and international economic laws, commercial laws, the civil procedure laws, criminal procedure laws, labor laws, contract laws, legal documents, forensic scientists, intellectual property rights, medicine and health laws, public health management, medical laws and practice, etc.

This professional educational system takes four years; bachelor’s degree awarded.

Clinical medicine of traditional Chinese and Western medicine

Target:train the student to have solid basic knowledge of both Chinese and Western medicine and to master Chinese and Western medicine clinical practice skills. They are required to correctly treat common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases using Chinese and Western medicine knowledge and skills. Equally emphasized is Chinese “treating without symptoms” and Western disease prevention knowledge. Students need to be familiar with medical ethics and government policies and regulations. Moreover, this major also offers domestic and foreign medical psychology theories, practice and progress; students get trained of certain clinical abilities of medical psychological teaching and scientific researching. After graduating, students may get jobs in Chinese medicine and/or comprehensive medical institutions (TCM clinical and psychological clinical diagnosis and research work), and may be employed by state organs, enterprises, social organizations, and administrative colleges engaged in psychology.

Main course:normal human anatomy, the basic theories of TCM, TCM diagnostics, physiology, diagnostics foundation, Western internal medicine, surgery integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine, common psychology, development psychology, social psychology, personality psychology, physiological psychology, Chinese psychology, counseling psychology, psychological treatment, psychological evaluation.

This professional educational system takes six years, divided into a 4.5-year period of traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinical medicine and a 1.5-year period of applied psychology (clinical psychology direction). On the first stage (4.5 years), students will be awarded professional diploma and bachelor’s degree in medicine, and proceed to the second study stage; those who can not reach the second bachelor's degree may switch their major to Chinese and Western clinical medicine. On the second stage (1.5 years), the students will be awarded applied psychology (the clinical psychology direction) professional diploma and bachelor's degree of science.

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