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Medicine College
2011-11-22 15:09  

Established in 1975, Medicine College mainly raises students with Chinese pharmaceutical and related basic medical knowledge and skills. This college is responsible for training specialized graduates who can work in medicine production, scientific research, applied research and management. At present, there are seven majors, with two professional construction characteristic points and three provincial demonstrative majors. Also included is a state-enterprise technology center (cooperation), a“State Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine”key major, a “State Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine” Level 3 laboratory, one provincial key subject, 2 provincial research centers, one provincial key laboratories and 3 research centers, and master degree awarding institute.

The teaching and scientific research ability is outstanding: existing staff is 96 people, among which are 21 senior professional titles, four vice senior professional titles, 2 doctoral supervisors, 32 master tutors, 4 state council and the provincial government special allowance experts, 2 province administrating experts, and 2 provincial teaching masters. for the last five years, the teachers has published 15 monographs and 526 dissertations, of which 26 were SCI; also won is 2 first prize of provincial teaching achievements. Editing 18 textbooks and 2 exquisite courses, the staff is entitled for "Chinese medicine (national medicine) new drug research technology innovation talents team," which is the first science and technology innovation title won in Guizhou province. Science and technology innovation and contribution are outstanding too: for the last five years, the college has adopted 221 scientific researches, with a research fund of 2000 yuan. The scientific research awards at various levels in the province reaches 16, with a scientific and technological progress first prize, a second prize and 6 third prizes. Having developed or participated in the research of 40 new drugs of TCM (including miao medicine). Its scientific research innovation ability in the west have reached advanced level compared with colleges of similar levels; the college is praised as “the state ministry of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine excellent unit of science and technology industry base construction.” The special majors of this college have characteristics like “national medical research”, “wide influence,” and “academic researched.” Medicine College is gradually becoming the core base of pharmaceutical researches in the country.

Promising prospect of obtaining employment: Ever since being built, Medicine College has been transporting a large number of graduates to places around the country and supporting Chinese traditional medicine and Guizhou nation’s medical industries with staff resources. The graduates from this college are universally employed and welcomed, many becoming leaders and backbones of pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical production management enterprises, medicinal materials management colleges, traditional Chinese medicine colleges, research institutions, pharmaceutical inspection institutions and other related units. For many years the rate of graduates’ obtaining employment has stayed above 98%.

Science of Chinese pharmacology

This major only recruits science students, including three sub-majors, TCM medicine, analysis direction and Miao medicine direction. For all three directions, students study TCM main courses as foundation in the first two academic years, and by the third year and beyond begin to differentiate based on characteristics of different professional directions.

Target:to cultivate students’ mastering of Chinese medicine basic theories, elementary knowledge and the basic skills, focusing on identification, analysis, and TCM chemistry composition extraction, isolation, and the basic principle and testing skills. Students need to be familiar with basic theories and experimental skills of Chinese medicine, Chinese pharmacology and toxicology cultivation. Also required is basic knowledge of clinical application and certain of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and traditional Chinese culture. After graduation, the students will be able to work in areas like traditional production, teaching, scientific research, etc. Nevertheless, good professional ethics, strong practical abilities, big development potential, and innovative awareness are equally emphasized.

Main course: traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and pharmacology, basic pharmaceutical botany, Chinese medicine identification science analysis, TCM chemistry, pharmacology, Chinese medicine pharmacology, TCM firing, TCM pharmacy, pharmacy management, etc.

This professional educational system takes four years; bachelor’s degree awarded.

Science of Chinese pharmacology (marketing direction)

Target: to cultivate students’ mastering of Chinese medicine basic theories, elementary knowledge and the basic skills, along with knowledge of drug management regulations, policies and marketing. Students will also be familiarized with Chinese traditional medicine enterprise management, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese traditional medicine goods quality control and inspection standards.

Main course:TCM, medical botany, Chinese medicine identification and scientific analysis, TCM chemistry, TCM firing, TCM pharmacy, pharmacology, Chinese traditional medicine goods marketing, pharmacy management and laws and regulations.

This professional educational system takes four years; bachelor’s degree awarded.

Pharmaceutical preparations

Target: to systematically cultivate the students of basic knowledge of physical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, medical polymer materials science, pharmacy, preparation equipment, and other related aspects. To make the students grasp skills of preparation research, preparation design and improvement, and production and drug preparation process design and technology. Students will be trained of preliminary scientific research and actual working ability, and become talents of drug preparation with research and development, design and improvement, and dosage forms of drug preparation process.

Main course:organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmacy, natural medicine chemistry, preparation engineering, preparation analysis, drug preparation inspection, new drug development, Traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

This professional educational system takes four years; bachelor’s degree awarded.

Pharmaceutical engineering

Target: Training of the basic theories and basic knowledge about chemical medicine, biological medicine, Chinese pharmacy, drug preparation technology and engineering. Mastering drug production process and equipment related knowledge. The students will have preliminary ability to reach new resources for drugs, develop new products, and research of new technologies. They are also directed to be familiar with the country’s principles, policies and regulations about chemical and pharmaceutical productions, and about designing, researching, development, environmental protection, and other aspects of drugs.

Main course:organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, mechanical drawing, physical chemical, pharmaceutical chemical principles, pharmacology, medical botany, pharmacognosy, pharmacy industry, natural medicine chemistry, preparation engineering, preparation analysis, biology pharmacy, TCM, pharmacy management and laws and regulations.

This professional educational system takes four years; bachelor’s degree awarded.

orthopedics &traumatology College

Orthopedics & traumatology college was established in 1988, mainly training advanced specialized talents of Chinese medicine and Chinese and Western clinics. The college has one master's degree awarding center (Orthopedics & traumnatology in traditional Chinese medicine science), one provincial key subject, and two “National Well-known Orthopedics & traumnatologydoctors.” Meanwhile, there is one Orthopedics & traumnatologyresearch center and two attached hospitals with Orthopedics & traumnatologywards and outpatient service. It is entitled as “The National Health and Clinics Education Base.”

The staff has outstanding teaching and clinical ability: present faculty includes 30 famous professors, of which there are 13 Senior Doctors, 12 Vice Senior Doctors and 13 master tutors. Under the guidance of famous Orthopedics & traumnatologyexperts Shi Guangda and Shen Fengjun, the team excels at curing bone injuries with traditional Chinese methods. Introducing and developing modern orthopaedic technologies and new therapy methods, the doctors can carry out a lot of difficulty orthopaedic surgeries, which stands on the leading position in the country. The college also pays attention to the combination of teaching reformation, research innovation, and practical skills.

The students exhibits solid clinical skills: not only do the students master Chinese medicine theories and traditional bone disease methods, but they are good at grasping modern orthopaedics theories and clinical skills. Now that the students have developed their modern orthopaedics knowledge, practical abilities and humanistic comprehensive quality, they are highly rated by comprehensive medical organizations, practice teaching teachers and graduates employers. The deparment also emphasizes the fusion into societies, regularly holding competitions and exhibitions, which for several times succeed in both the province and the country..

Cool job prospects: students are praised by employers for their solid basic skills. Many graduates have become backbones and leaders of comprehensive hospitals, orthopedics hospitals, and teaching and scientific research units above the province level.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (Orthopedics & traumnatology Direction)

Target:train the student to grasp Chinese medicine elementary knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine basic theories about bone injuries and Chinese medicine clinical skills. The training includes natural science and modern medical knowledge. The students will accept solid training of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine clinical skills of orthopedics, along with traditional Chinese medicine clinical diagnosis, orthopedics, teaching and scientific research basic abilities. After graduation, students may work in different levels of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, Chinese medicine colleges, teaching and scientific research institutions, and comprehensive hospitals.

Main course:the basic theories of TCM, TCM diagnostics, human anatomy, Chinese orthopedics basis, Chinese bonesetting, Chinese medicine muscle injury bone disease, trauma emergency, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, Western medicine diagnostics, Western internal and external medicine, acupuncture.

This professional educational system takes five years; bachelor’s degree in medicine awarded.

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