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Items of Enrollment

1.TCM Integrated Nursing Advanced Training Class

Aim of Teaching:Students should be trained to master the knowledge of TCM characteristic nursing and carry out holistic nursing and community health service.

Main Courses:Fundamental Nursing, Fundamental Nursing of TCM, Community Nursing.

Language for Courses:Chinese

Length of Schooling:6 months

2.Undergraduate Class of Nursing

Aim of Teaching:Students should be trained to master the professional knowledge and skills of nursing, TCM characteristic nursing and basic knowledge of modern medicine. They should also be trained to have ability to carry out Clinical Care, Nursing Education, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Community Health Care Service.

Main Courses:Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Fundamental nursing, TCM Fundamental Nursing, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Gynecological Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Nursing Management, Community Nursing, TCM Clinical Nursing, Nursing Psychology, Nursing Ethics.

Language for courses:Chinese

Length of schooling:4 years, Bachelor of Science .

Professional Resources for Nursing Discipline

Nursing Discipline of GCTCM is founded in 1999 which is the first college established undergraduate nursing education in Guizhou pronvince. It is also only Integrated Chinese and Western Medicines Nursing undergraduate education college. In 2011, the Nursing Discipline was upgraded to Nursing College and acquired the right of master degree-conferring and was depent on Guizhou provincial hospital of TCM and Guizhou provincial hospital of integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. The discipline started to enroll academic master degree graduate students of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Nursing in 2012 and enrolled nursing professional master degree graduate students in 2015.

Institutions for Practice

The college pays attention to intensify practice ability and constructed a nursing discipline practice and teaching system of ‘Start by Basic practice to professional practice and comprehensive practice step by step, correspond practice base in school and social practice base.

A new Huaxi School District Nursing Skill Training Center was founded based on old northern school district Nursing Skill Laboratory. The area of Huaxi School District Nursing Skill Training Center is about more than 2300 square meters and the total value of models and equipment is 5 million yuan.

Nursing Practice Area

Basic Nursing Practice Area, Surgical Nursing Practice Area, Simulating Operating Room, Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing Practice Area, Pediatric and Neonatal Nursing Practice Area, The Critical Care Practice Area, Characteristics of TCM Nursing Practice Area, Rehabilitation Nursing Practice Area, Imitating Wards, Simulated Nurse Station, etc.

Equipment Condition

Having Naesthesia Machine, Breathing Machine, ECG Monitor, Blue Light Therapy Apparatus, models of Super Simulation People, Anne Recovery people, Human Embryos and New Born Baby. Multifunction Medical Nursing Bed, Medical Supersonic Atomizer, Oxygen Inhalator, Electro-stomach Irrigator, Electric Suction Apparatus, A variety of rehabilitation instruments, a variety of characteristics of TCM nursing instruments, Electronic Teaching and Multimedia Teaching in the classroom. All of the instruments and equipment can satisfy the need of practice.

Teaching Staff

There are 42 teaching staff including 18 Senior title staff, 10 vice-senior title staff, 9 doctors and 13 masters. Teachers’ professional qualities improve constantly in the college by basic teaching skill match and training. Many teachers in the college had been sent to Fujian University of TCM, Taiwan Yuanpei University of Medicine Technology, Hongguang University of Technology for exchange learning.

Currently, the college had formed stable subject such as Integrated TCM and Western Medicine Aged Disease, Diabetes and Nurturing Rehabilitation Nursing. The teaching team pay attention to holistic nursing and the idea of TCM Nursing. They put modern nursing achievement into teaching process and highlight TCM Nursing characteristic and advantage.

The teachers had developed undergraduate teaching model actively and set up integrated nursing technique training system. Case Teaching Method, PBL Teaching Method, Type Separated Teaching Method, Rethinking Teaching Method, Behavior Guiding, Standard Teaching Method, Students Independent Teaching Method, Experiential Learning Method, etc were introduced in to teaching and practice process.

They compiled the New Century National TCM School Programmed Teaching Material and ‘12th Five-Year’ Programmed Teaching Material such as Fundamental Nursing, Psychology for Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Rehabilitation Nursing, Science of Health Preserving of TCM. They also compiled ‘13th Five-Year’ Programmed Teaching Material such as Medical Nursing, Rehabilitation Nursing, Nursing of TCM, The Critical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, etc more than 20 school nursing series teaching materials. There are 9 provincial-level teaching reform issues and 55 school-level issues. The college had achieved 45 administrations of TCM research issue and more than 40 school-level research issue. The teachers had published more than 200 papers in recent years.

Foreign Exchange Programs

In recent years, nursing college had treated international teams of American Ambassador Program ‘Diabetes Nursing and Education Topic’ and ‘Clinical Emergency Nursing’. The college and Southern Louisiana University in the United States and related organizations of England and Australia had achieved an agreement of cooperated training undergraduate-level international nurse. There are 22 students had been sent to Taiwan Yuanpei University of Medicine Technology and Hongguang University of Technology for exchange learning from 2014 to 2015.

Experiment and Practice of Nursing

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