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Traditional Chinese Pharmacy
2016-03-16 23:04  

Items of Enrollment

1.The Research Technology Training Class of Active Compound of CMM

Aim of Teaching:Students should be trained to master the method of extraction, separation, purification, active compound screening and identification and mechnism research method.

Main Courses:Identificology of Chinese Materia Medica (CMM), Analysis of CMM, Chemistry of CMM, Pharmacology of CMM, Processing of CMM.

The Content of Courses:Extraction, separation, purification and analysis method of CMM active compound.

Language for Courses:Chinese;

Length of Schooling:Three months.

2.Undergraduate Class for Traditional Chinese Pharmacy

Aim of Teaching:Students will be trained to acquire the basic theory, knowledge and skills of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy (TCP). Identificology of Chinese Materia Medica (CMM), Analysis of CMM, Chemistry of CMM and extraction, separation, purification of active compound should be mastered. Identificology of CMM, Analysis of CMM, Chemistry of CMM, Pharmacology of CMM, Processing of CMM. Student should be familiar with CMM cultivation, Pharmacology of CMM, Toxicological basic theory and experimental skills. The basic knowledge of clinical pharmacy should be understood. The students of CMM will have a stronger ability of practice and potential to develop TCP.

Main Courses:Pharmaceutical Botany, Identificology of CMM, Analysis of CMM, Chemistry of CMM, Pharmacology, Pharmacology of CMM, Processing of CMM, Pharmacy of CMM, Pharmacy Administration.

Language for Courses:Chinese

Length of Schooling:Four years. Bachelor of Science.

Professional Resources for TCM Discipline

Pharmacy Department of GCTCM was founded in 1975 and renamed as Pharmacy College of GCTCM. The college have excellent platform, such as:

Discipline Institutions and Teams


Ministry of Education Characteristic Specialized Construction



Pronvicial-Level Demonstration Discipline


National Enterprise Technology Center(Cooperation)


National-Level Experiment and Teaching of CMM Demonstration



State Administration of TCM Key Discipline


State Administration of TCM Tertiary Laboratory


State Administration of TCM Processing Technology Teaching

Base of CMM


Provincial Key Discipline


Provincial Research Center


Provincial Engineering Center


Research Institution


Master Degree Authorization Center


In recent years, the college had made outstanding technology innovations achievements, such as 3 Provincial Scientific and Technology Progress Second Prizes and 9 Third Prizes, 1 Municipal Science and Technology Progress First Prize, 2 Second Prize and Third Prize, the Municipal Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Second Prize and 6 other science and technology awards. The teachers had obtained a variety of issues added up to 228 and funds for 43.3 million yuan, 13 patents, 6 new drug approval documents, research more than 40 new drugs of CMM (including Miao Medicine). The capacity of research and innovation of college had reached advanced level in same colleges in western of China. Meanwhile, the college is Ministry of Science and Technology ‘National Science and Technology Industrial Base for TCM Modernization Construction Unit’. The characteristic discipline, Ethnic medicine research, influence widely and achievement fruitful which recognized as The Miao Nationality Medicine Core Research Base.There is also a prominent team, TCM (Ethnodrug) and New Drug Research and Innovation of Science and Technology Talents Team which is the first batch of Guizhou Provincial Innovation of Science and Technology Talents Team.

Institutions for Practice

Experiment of courses, research, pharmaceutical enterprises, hospital, community pharmacy

Our teacher will pay attention to train students’ practical ability and scientific research thinking during practice process of experiment, research and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Teaching Team

There are 77 teaching staff including 25 Senior title staff, 30 vice-senior title staff, 2 doctor instructors, 32 master instructors, 4 State Council and the Provincial Government Special Allowance Experts, 2 Provincial Administrative Experts, 3 Provincial Famous Teachers.

In last 5 years, the staff published 577 teaching and research papers including 35 papers in SCI, 284 papers in Chinese core journal, 258 papers in Chinese general journal and monographs, translations, compile add up to 20, all kinds of teaching materials of 45. There are 2 provincial excellent courses. They achieved 2 Teaching Achievements Second Prizes at the National Level, 7 Second prizes and 17 Teaching Achievements Prize Third Prizes at the Provincial Level, 5 Provincial ‘Wonderful Lesson’ awards and other teaching achievement awards.

The Foreign Exchange Programs

In recent years, the discipline had encouraged teachers to participate in studying abroad. Many teachers had come to England, USA, France, Taiwan for professional advanced study and training. 8 students were set apart to Taiwan Daren University of Science and Technology for exchanging study in 2014. A work team had gone to Taiwan Ali Mountain area for sampling inspection.

Experiment and Field Investigation

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